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Gandhapura Oil - Information and Uses

Avoid toxic doses of Gandhpura oil or Diclofenac, use safe and rational combination of herbal oils for pain relief.

Most of the Balms or pain killer gels don’t have any clue to manage pain except to increase the amount of Diclofenac or Methyl Salicylate in these formulations. Mere absence of Diclofenac or any other medicine may not suffice for a product to be safe. In name of ayurvedic and pure herbal products, in lack of knowledge or insight several formulations are studded with irrational or injudicious combinations of herbal substances which can be harmful for one’s health.

One such compound is Gandhpura oil which contains Methyl salicylate in an amount of 90%. In race of making product more potent and faster acting different manufacturers have gone mad in increasing the concentration of this compound in their formulations neglecting the safety concerns and take refuge under the safety tag of Ayurvedic product.

Many of us may be having one or another disease which may require some painkiller to be taken orally or some pain killer ointment or oil for local application or for body massage. These ailments can be any of osteo arthritis of back, knee, hip, ankle, shoulder or any other. Many muscle disorders can cause pain, stiffness and soreness of muscles like fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, sprain or strain or soft tissue injuries. These may require long term intake of any painkiller medicine which can be injurious to health.

Diclofenac is one such molecule which is known by many for its ill effects. Some oils or pain killer ointments claim to be free of Diclofenac and be pure herbal in nature. Thus safe. But that may not suffice. It is very important to ascertain whether the product is not having some other molecule in harmful doses. 

Gandhpura oil also known as Oil of Wintergreen is present in most of the Ayurvedic painkiller oils   or ointments. It contains about 90% of methyl salicylate. In higher doses methyl salicylate can be Harmful for the body. it can damage kidney, Liver and is not safe in pregnancy. Let's take into consideration a few common products for the amount of Gandhpura oil they contain. Taking 5 ml as the amount required for one time application and 300 mg of Methyl salicylat as the content of one tablet –



Quantity of Gandhpura oil

Amount of Methyl salicylate

Equivalent to tablets/Application

Quantity per day on twice a day massage

Tiger Balm

15-22 %

675 mg -900 mg



Sensur Oil

40 %

1800 mg



Dr. Orto oil

5 %




Artho veda oil

20 %

900 gm




11-30 % of this compound in Gandhpura oil can be absorbed through the intact skin. And according to one study repeated application can have accumulation of the drug and can lead to damage to various body organs. So don’t get entangled in the quagmire of side effects of toxic doses of these substances in desire of quick results.  To avoid these effects, one will have to give up the greed of fast results and look the label for the concentration of such molecules and select some painkiller oil with rational and safe combination of molecules.  

Aarogya Tailam is such an oil in which ingredients have been selected and proportioned uniquely, most scientifically, wisely, unbiased and safely. It contains only 2% V/V of Gandhpura oil that is about 1.8 % of Methyl Salicylate. which is very safe on long use without causing detrimental effects to the health of the user. Additive and healing effects of other herbs selected after exhaustive research make Aarogya Tailam very effective, a good healer and yet super safe. So be aware, wise and safe, don’t rush into harm.

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