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Nature x Science

All-natural Herbal products based on modern Medical Science.

100% Natural Products

We prepare our concoctions without any chemicals - fragrants or preservatives, whatsoever.

Aarogya Naturals products are composed of Ayurvedic herbs and ingredients only.

Best of the two Worlds

We choose our ingredients as proposed in time-tested Ayurvedic knowledge, but specifically those with modern-science proven medical effects.

Combining the vast experience acquired over ages with rigorous diligence of modern science, we provide our customers with the best of the two worlds.

Meticulously Prepared

With a team of an Ayurvedic physician and an Orthopaedic surgeon thoughtfully planning the products, and licensed manufacturing chemist bringing it to form, our products are packagings of trust.

Herbal Alkaloids

Reduce Inflammation and Pain

Natural Rubefacients

Increase Blood Circulation


Nourish and Repair Joints

aarogya tailam packing


within seconds of massage

No Side Effects

100% organic and herbal

Natural Fragrance

of constituents is preserved

A massage oil made by amalgamating nature's choicest herbs with traditional and modern scientific wisdom. 

Suitable for all skin types, it is the perfect addition to your daily routine.

Promotes Hair Growth

with Chameli and Lavender

Nourishes Hair roots

with Olives and Triphala

Decreases Dandruff and Hair-fall

with Hibiscus

and many more herbs for enhanced benefits.


My mother had been suffering from knee pain for quite some time. The bone specialist recommended joint replacement surgery, but my mother was not ready for the operation.

Another doctor suggested that she use Aarogya Tailam and do some exercises. She was advised to take several precautions. She has been massaging with this oil for the past 4 years. It has provided her with a lot of relief. She is able to work without painkillers and without surgery.

( Translated )

Mukesh Kumar

After several medications failed to relieve my wife’s neck pain, I changed the doctor. The new doctor prescribed some mild medicines and suggested massaging with Aarogya Tailam.


My wife did not even take the medicines completely; she was completely cured with just one week of Aarogya Tailam massage. Aarogya Naturals deserves full credit for developing such an effective product that also has no side effects.

( Translated )

Parveen Panchal

As a senior pharmacist and naturopath, I highly recommend RapiHeal for the rapid healing of wounds. It contains a blend of natural ingredients, including Tinospora cordifolia, Curcuma longa [...]

This unique combination of herbs has proven to be effective in promoting wound healing and reducing inflammation. The oil is easy to apply and absorbs quickly.


Dr Krishan Gopal
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